5 Reasons To Use Google Ads

 5 Reasons To Use Google Ads

1) Search Engine Optimization ( S.E.O )

The 1st and most obvious benefit of running Google ads is the fact that you can immediately get results by jumping into the top spots of Google search results page. This allows you to jump over competition and not have to worry about a 6 to 12 month waiting time for your SEO or your website to start ranking. It's a great location because, most of the people that are searching on google or simply making a surgeon click the first thing that is relevant to them. A Lot of industries they’re not going to search too far down that page and start clicking different companies. They’re just going to click the first thing and reach out to them. So this is a powerful location to be in, and the fact of the matter is you can turn it off and on as you please, almost as if you’re a wizard. 

Also I Want to to provide you'll little knowledge on Brand awareness. Brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name. Creating Brand awareness is a key step in promoting a new product or reviving an older brand. Ideally, awareness of the brand may include the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition.

2) Simplicity

They’re simple in the sense that people are telling you exactly what they need when they search in google, so the amount of persuasion that you actually have to do to get them to reach out to your business is limited. Whereas with social advertising it’s interruption based and people are not going to social platforms looking for service in the product. So you’re going to have to have a level of persuasion. In complexity, in order to get leads from social platforms, whereas with search engines it’s very straight forward. 

3) Precision

So google ads allows you to target users based on a few different criteria. The three major ones are going to be geography, so where the people are actually located time and day, so when as well as keywords. So the keywords that they used in their search queries and this allows you to be extremely precise with who it is that are actually seeing and clicking your ads. So if you knew that there was a certain service that produces the most revenue for your business, you could choose just to advertise on those specific keywords. And if you knew there's a certain time of day or a certain location that you really wanted to target. You can do that.


4) Versatility

Google is not just search ads, they actually have a lot of different platforms and channels in which you can advertise on search. Ads are usually the most simple and effective for most local businesses, but if you want to expand to other channels you can definitely do so. It’s very easy to do that through Google ads. You could choose to advertise on these playnetwork with. Image ads on all the different websites that people go to. You can do it with shopping ads. If you’re an online retailer and they have products and want to put that in Google's shopping product feed. Or you can do it with video by putting videos on YouTube. So all this is really powerful because what you can do is remarketing. This is the most simple use of all these different channels. When someone comes to your website and doesn’t reach out to your business, it’s very easy to throw up an ad on YouTube and display that remark. It’s to that person. It just says, hey, notice you didn’t reach out. If you need our product or service, come back to our website and reach out to us and this is a very simple way to get out. Very high ry high return on your advertising dollars because you’re staying in front of people and you have the power basically of these huge businesses that did this before. But now you can do this as a small business owner and it’s just amazing. 

5) Google preference for paid Advertisers. 

This is because 90% plus of Google’s revenue comes from advertisers,  there are some Performance Marketing Agencies In India who have generated revenues through paid ads, so google has made sure that ads get clicked more often than organic results because they make more money. If you look way back, the ads used to exist on the right side of search results, but then they made a change which moved them to the very top. And right in the centre. And then you could also see the same thing with Google Maps which used to be at 7 businesses that were shown automatically by default. But now it’s only three and even smaller because they’ve added in ads into the map area itself. Now this trend is just going to continue as Google’s paid. Positions expand, the organic positions will shrink, and what this means for small businesses is that eventually, if you want to maintain the amount of traffic that you’re getting from Google, then you’re going to have to invest in paid advertising. 

6) Pay Per Click ( PPC )

It's also has it own benefits which follows

a) Extremely targeted. 

You can choose precisely who to show your ads to based on location, keywords, interest, age, gender, language, and even the type of device. So instead of wasting your money on mass marketing, your advertising your goods and services directly to the people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. Checkout some Best PPC Services in Delhi.

b) Retargeting

Retargeting is huge , On average, out of every 100 people that visit a website, only two will convert into an actual customer. That means 90% of initial traffic virtually goes. Race retargeting lets businesses place ads that remind folks who left to come back and checkout the products and services they missed. This in turn helps businesses capture more of the 19% of people. Couldn’t convert the first time. 

c) Cost effective. 

Advertising is pretty common. After all, the only deputies me is when you’re added actually clicked when you consider the fact that the top three advertising spots on the search results page get 46% is a quack. Favourite up there at the top of the list, even above the top organic results. Let’s say it cost you $15 or not one click, but if the product you sell is $400. Also checkout some top PPC companies so that you can get some idea about the points mentioned above.


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